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Teacher:Jack Miller

Hours: 4 hours

This course covers how we taste – what do we rely on – what errors should we be aware of. The tea taster's vocabulary will be covered as well as tastings of various products such as chocolate, water, etc. to identify and fully understand the science of taste.

Topics explored include:

- The science of taste.

- Applying tasting principals through other products.

- Tasting tea and what affects the flavour.

- Affects of various stages of production and how they affect the taste and appearance of the tea and the leaf.

- The importance of understanding the nuances of tea tasting.

Our Philosphy

We seek to create a community of tea lovers, in order to bring the fascinating culture of tea to the entire world.

Academics Principle

We work so that our students have the best education, giving them access to greater knowledge through our extensive network of associates around the world.

Key of Success

We create awareness about the care of mother nature and encourage the sustainable development in the tea industry.