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Teacher: Yi Chia

Hours: 18 Hours (6 days)

One of the newest and most coveted careers in the tea industry today is that of Tea Sommelier. Having borrowed the word 'sommelier' from the wine industry gives us a general idea of how that role might translate in the world of tea. But as a tea career the role is so new it is still evolving and defining itself. This class takes part in the 'What is a Tea Sommelier?' discussion as we listen to key industry leaders talk about how they see the role evolve and find its place in our modern, global tea culture. The class goes on to introduce the skills and information needed by anyone who aspires to help both consumers and managers in making informed decisions about tea service or serve as a guide to the world of tea in the specialty tea, food and hospitality industries, academic institutions, or wherever they find themselves presenting and promoting tea and its culture.

Topics explored include:

- Identify the roles and responsibilities of a Tea Sommelier.

- Apply the basic principles of food and beverage pairing.

- Create tea menus for any establishment or institution.

- Procure and manage a tea inventory.

- Identify the essential qualities and characteristics of a tea for presentation and education.

Our Philosphy

We seek to create a community of tea lovers, in order to bring the fascinating culture of tea to the entire world.

Academics Principle

We work so that our students have the best education, giving them access to greater knowledge through our extensive network of associates around the world.

Key of Success

We create awareness about the care of mother nature and encourage the sustainable development in the tea industry.