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Teacher:Yi Chia

Hours: 12 Hours (4 Days)

In this course, you will use your knowledge of your flavor system, coupled with an understanding of the chemistry of teas, herbs, spices, fruits, and flowers, to create delicious blends, and explore how blends can fit into lifestyles and life experiences.

Topics explored include:

- How does our flavor system interact with blends to evoke feelings and create experiences?.

- Using the example of a classic flavored tea, Earl Grey, we will discuss how each element interacts with our flavor system, and why this flavored tea is so appreciated.

- Camellia sinensis blends.

- Rooibos and Rhodiola rosea blends.

- You will create a blend of your own with either a Camellia sinensis or a tisane base, then test, and critique it, and provide a description of the blend and how it can be used.

Our Philosphy

We seek to create a community of tea lovers, in order to bring the fascinating culture of tea to the entire world.

Academics Principle

We work so that our students have the best education, giving them access to greater knowledge through our extensive network of associates around the world.

Key of Success

We create awareness about the care of mother nature and encourage the sustainable development in the tea industry.